Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Prall's Island bird sanctuary

Prall's Island is an uninhabited island in the Arthur Kill between Staten Island, New York, The 0.36-square-kilometer (89-section of land) island is one of the minor islands that are a piece of the precinct of Staten Island in New York City. The island is named for relatives of right on time Staten Island pilgrim Arendt Jansen Prall Van Naarden; most likely his grandson Abraham Prall (1706–1775) a neighborhood rancher. It was initially known as Dongan's Island, after New York Governor Thomas Dongan (1634–1715), who took the workplace in 1688. The name was later undermined to Duncan's Island. Prall's Island did not grab hold until the late nineteenth century. The island is currently possessed by thecity of New York and is kept up by New York City Department of Parks and Recreation as an issue.

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